Packaging Supplies

When you’re moving, you don’t actually have time to spare. In fact, it’s more like time is of the essence! There’s basically no worse scenario than almost being done packing and realising you don’t have enough boxes or tape! Well, we’ve got great news — U Store It is a one-stop-shop that’s going to take care of all your packing and moving-related needs.

Having the appropriate moving and packing and supplies is the first step to ensure a stress-free move!

Moving is highly stressful itself, so we really want to help you get rid of anything that might cause additional pressure.

Each of our locations stock a complete line of moving and storage supplies in order to make your move as streamlined and easy as possible.We provide boxes of all sizes, locks, tape guns, shrink and bubble wrap, furniture pads, sofa/mattress covers, rope, markers, utility knives, and whatever comes to your mind when you think of packing. You name it — we have it!

Here at U Store It, we want your stuff to be just as safe as our storage facilities.

Being able to pack the right things in the right boxes will help the move, obviously, but it will also keep your items safe and protected from damage, which is why we have sourced the best quality packaging supplies. All of our packing boxes are double-walled (ideal for stacking in storage), our covers are durable 200 gauge recyclable plastic, and our bubble wrap is manufactured with an air cap barrier bubble.

Getting the perfect self-storage moving and packing supplies has never been easier and convenient.

Once you reserve a unit at any U Store It location, you immediately qualify for a 20% discount off your packaging supplies!

At U Store It, all of our units are indoor and are individually locked with you being the sole key holder. Our U Store It branded padlocks are made from laminated steel and have anti-pick pins. We also stock a combination padlock, so you never have to worry about losing your key!

Our goal is to help you go through this stressful process without worrying about unnecessary things. In addition, our team of experts is always at your disposal. That way, whenever you’re in doubt about selecting the right storage size or what kind of packing supplies to buy, we have someone to give you guidelines and help you out.

Essentially, we guarantee you a reliable, safe, and hassle-free moving process. What more can you ask for?