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Sometimes, little people have big dreams.  And this is that time.  Children everywhere are dreaming of presents that don’t quite fit under the Christmas tree.  While children are enthralled by technology, some classic gifts still prevail. They are timeless, and parents love them because they promote good health and development.  

  • Bicycles – Is there anything more classic on Christmas morning than a bike?  Children love the wow factor, and this is a big enough investment that parents often save it for a very special occasion such a Christmas or a birthday.  With the right gear, the idea of pedalling up on a super cool brand new bike can make going back to school a bit less painful in January.
  • Go-Karts – Bikes are not the only vehicle to delight children on Christmas morning!  Go-karts and a whole range of ride on tractors and diggers top many Christmas lists.  And many parents are eager to get their sugar-fuelled darlings outside for a bit of exercise over the school break!
  • Musical Instruments – If your child is yearning for a flute or a trumpet, that is easy enough to hide at home.  But there are some larger instruments they might be dreaming of too.  Rock stars in training are more likely to go for a drum kit or a guitar.  
  • Climbers and Slides – These toddler and preschool toys have huge appeal because you can set them up inside in the winter and outside in the summer.  They encourage your littlest ones to stay active and challenge themselves safely while they boost coordination and balance.  Ranging from little slides to larger structures that dominate a room, climbers and slides are popular with those too young to write their own lists.
  • Trampolines – A quality trampoline set up properly is the ultimate family win.  Children from toddlers to tweens absolutely love them. Parents love to see their children being physically active outside in a confined area where they can’t destroy anything.  A big outdoor trampoline is an investment that children will enjoy for years to come.

Are your children going to find any of these on Christmas morning?  If so, you might be worrying about how to keep them from finding them before then.

The trick with all of these popular Christmas presents is keeping them under wraps until the big day. Few people have a house large enough to store these items.  But parents in Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Belfast need not worry.  You can arrange short-term Christmas storage with U Store It and have 24/7 access to your items. And the children will never find them there!