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In our lives, there comes a time when our possessions seem to outgrow our homes. At that point, we can either give them up or find a new place for them. However, even the most practical people among us seem to share a universally human sentimental streak. Renting a self storage unit is a great way to be practical and appease our sentimental sides at the same time.

Self-storage facilities allow you to hold on to the things that are precious to you but move them somewhere they won’t take up useful space in your home. But, once you’ve rented out a unit, one question remains: how can you make the best of the space you have?

After all, it simply wouldn’t do to just move all the clutter from your home into the storage unit. How would you be able to find the things you need? Today, we were hoping to help you organise your storage space. So, we’ve put together a few of our favourite ways to keep a unit tidy.

How to Organise a Storage Unit

Whether you’re just moving things into your new unit or organising an old one, there are two goals you need to have. You should aim to make the most of the space, for one. Well, you should actually start by getting a unit that’ll be big enough for you. Then, you’ll also need to keep a certain structure in mind. That is, catalogue the things according to room, size, date, or activity.

Bring in shelves or use solid packing boxes you can stack on top of each other. That way, you can be sure that you’re using every inch of the available space.

Mind that you group similar items together. Therefore, summer and winter clothes should be in separate boxes, but near each other. However, collectible items should be nowhere near the clothes and precisely marked. That way, everyone will know they should be handled with caution.

And naturally, whichever way you organise your self storage unit, you should keep the items you might need in an easily accessible place.

Finally, you should have a clear labelling system for your boxes. Essentially, your labelling system can be anything you want it to be. Draw a layout of the room and the items in it or keep a detailed list of your boxes and the items inside them – and tape them at the unit entrance.

But, really, whatever you decide to do will be fine as long as you can find your way around your unit.