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Does your office space need some oomph? Is it looking tired, drab, and dreary? Then it may be time to inject some 21st Century love with some updated restructure, reorganisation and of course, a fresh new lease of life.

Environmental effect

Our surroundings and the environment we live and work in has a significant impact on our lives, so if the setting is cluttered, unorganised and messy, no doubt the atmosphere will be prevalent to the working staff too. Don’t let business be affected by an uninspiring backdrop when it’s something that can be easily fixed.

Offices past and present

The outdated cubicle office concept has already seen a revamp, it was replaced for a more open-plan structure, and those changes took place back in the day, the 1950’s era in fact! Trouble is neither is particularly inspiring (or ideal), which is why a modern 21st-century approach offers more cutting-edge design.

Modern offices

The favourable modern edge office space is inviting and welcoming, there are no basic structures, and it’s easy to update and adopt this new approach. Basically, create areas in the office, computing doesn’t have to be boring at boring desks, make it inspiring, add some sofas, beanbags, make it bright and light. Think about storage as modern living tends to be quite minimalistic, try new multipurpose units for space-saving or simple screens so that messy areas (such as shelf loads of documents) are hidden from view.

So how do we make this a reality?

  • Sort out! – Start by having a good sort out and try and de-clutter as much as you can as well as ridding of old dated, brown furniture and equipment.
  • Revamp your tech – And invest in some new pieces of modern equipment for better business potential and performance, the return pretty much pays for itself. You don’t need to go all out-tech savvy, but just a few new monitors or laptops with modern updated features will be something your staff would welcome.
  • Use business storage – If space is limited, self-storage units can store office equipment, paperwork, etc. safe and secure (long-term) to free up space at work. Think of this as an extra addition to work facilities.
  • Sitting long hours – Is considered unfavourable these days, not to mention the health impacts with regards to posture, lack of circulation, etc. and the modern approach is to add standing areas as well as seated. Try breakfast bar type areas for those who would like to stretch their legs while using a laptop.
  • Add some fun! Offices can be tiring places and mentally draining, and workers have to take a break from time to time, just to re-compose. Make this break area an enjoyable place, make it comfy and relaxing and even add a pool or ping-pong table if you have the space available to do so. Wind down time works wonders with staff and will have a positive impact on their performance, for sure.
  • Outer work activities – Some offices have a monthly meet up out of work, it’s a great way to discuss work-related matters outside of the pressures of a working environment and could be beneficial. You could arrange a meet up at a local pub or restaurant, perhaps?

So, if that’s not enough to inspire you and bring you into 21st-century office mode, I know something that sure will, why not install a slide between floors for instance? Ok, it may be a tad too inventive, but it’ll undoubtedly get your thinking caps on!