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As we roll into winter, many of us are battening down the hatches as the storm season looms. From the garden to sporting equipment, it is this time of year that we begin to pack and store all our summer gear.

This can mean sheds and garages that bulge at the seams. And Attics that creak with the weight of sports and outdoor equipment, not to mention spare rooms without an inch of spare room!

If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry! It is a problem that many people face! But there is an easy answer, one that is convenient and cost-effective – A self-storage unit.

The Benefits of Self-storage Units for Winter Storage

Self-storage units are the perfect way to expand your storage without breaking the bank. Increasingly, people are turning to self-storage units as a seasonal storage solution that can keep valuable belongings safe, dry, and clean over the winter months. Here are just a few benefits of using self-storage this winter:

  • Save Money – Storage units are a great way of keeping valuable items like garden furniture, gardening tools, and outdoor gear, like BBQs, in great condition. Even if wrapped up against the elements, the Irish winter can be harsh on such equipment. Self-storage can greatly extend the life of such items, and this will save you money in the long run.
  • Security – Sheds are often targeted by thieves. By storing your belongings in a secure self-storage unit, you ensure your valuables don’t mysteriously walk off into the night. At U Store It, all our storage facilities are protected by multi-level security systems. Including CCTV, computerised building logs, alarm systems, and keypad entry
  • Convenient – With locations throughout Ireland and generous opening times, a self-storage unit is a convenient solution no matter where you live and how busy a lifestyle you lead.
  • Pay only for the time you need – With a minimum period of only two weeks, you can hire a storage unit for the exact period you need and no longer.
  • Only pay for the size you need – At U Store It, our storage units come in a wide range of sizes. This means that you never have to pay over the odds for space that you don’t need. Check out our handy storage size guides, these are designed to help you choose the perfect size of storage space.

Examples of Using a Self-Storage Unit for Winter Storage

A self-storage unit is a versatile storage solution that can help ease winter storage sorrows in many ways. Whether you are a domestic customer or a business, there are many ways that a self-storage unit can help in the wintertime.

Here are just a few suggestions of how a self-storage unit can help you this winter:

  • Storing Business Tools and Equipment – Seasonal businesses like landscape gardeners often have problems storing bulky tools and equipment during the winter months. Self-storage offers the perfect solution. It is also perfect for builders, painters, and other tradesmen who do less exterior work during the winter.
  • Storing Garden Furniture – Garden furniture isn’t cheap, and despite being designed for the “great outdoors,” it will quickly deteriorate if constantly exposed to the rigours of the Irish winter.
  • Garden tools – Garden tools are another expensive set of items that can benefit from proper winter storage. Everything from spades and hoes to strimmers and lawnmowers will have their life greatly extended if stored properly over the winter.
  • Sports Equipment – Keeping valuable sporting equipment safe and dry during the winter is easy with a self-storage unit. Bikes, golf clubs, surfboards, canoes, and any other sports gear will all benefit from proper clean, dry, and secure storage.
  • Camping Equipment – Camping equipment is very susceptible to the effects of dampness if not stored properly when not used for long periods. Mouldy and mildewy tents and sleeping bags are common problems. A self-storage unit lets you keep your equipment dry and aired throughout the winter and ready to hit the campsites again at the first hint of spring!
  • Seasonal Stock Storage – Many businesses have to account for seasonal fluctuations in the stock they have to hold. A self-storage unit can act as the perfect buffer to allow retailers to stock up for the holiday season or hold more winter stock without much of the usual expense.


A self-storage unit can be your perfect winter assistant! By offering secure, clean, and dry storage, a self-storage unit can save you money by sheltering valuable belongings from the worst the Irish weather throws at us.

At U Store It, we can help you select the perfect unit. Why not contact us today and find out more about our range of storage units and locations? No matter what your storage needs are, we can help.