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Moving office, just like moving home, can be an extremely stressful time. Sometimes, the process of moving offices can be more stressful than a home move. The necessity to keep the business running during the move can add an extra burden.

While a self-storage unit can’t promise to ease all the stress of an office move. It can help to make the move go smoother and substantially reduce the stress.

Relocating can be an exciting time for a business once the hard part is done. This blog is a guide to how a self-storage unit can help ease the moving blues and let you get on with the excitement of doing business from new premises.

The Benefits of Using a Self-Storage Unit When Moving Business Premises

Moving business premises can be made a whole lot easier by using a self-storage unit. Self-storage units offer the perfect temporary storage solution that can be used in many scenarios to ease the burden of moving premises.

A few of these scenarios are described a little later. But first, let’s look at what benefits a self-storage unit brings to the table:

  • Cost-effective – Self-storage units are a cost-effective storage solution. There are no additional overheads or hidden costs.
  • Sizes to suit every requirement – No matter what size of business is being relocated, self-storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit. This also means that you only have to pay for the storage you need and no more.
  • Secure – Reputable companies all have layers of security to protect your belongings. At U Store It, all our facilities have CCTV, individual alarms on each unit, a master alarm that automatically alerts the Garda, computerised building occupancy logs, and much more.
  • Available for short periods – During an office move, it could be that you only need a storage unit for a short period. At U Store It, the minimum booking period for a business storage unit is a mere month.
  • Accessible – Squeezing an office move into a tight business schedule is awkward. This is even more the case if you have limited access time to your stored goods. At U Store It, we open during normal business hours, and weekends and access outside of these times is easily organised.
  • Easy loading and unloading – Covered loading bays, ample parking, and access to trolleys all make loading and unloading your unit simple and quick.
  • Well-maintained and clean units – All reputable companies offer clean and dry units that make sure valuable documents, equipment, and furniture are stored in a suitable environment.

How Self-Storage Units Help When Moving Office

There is barely an office move when having a self-storage unit available at some point wouldn’t be of assistance. Here are just a few of the top ways business storage can help when moving office.

You don’t have access to your new office

In an ideal world, you have access to your existing premises and your new premises at the same time. But sometimes, this isn’t the case, or you are restricted by a limited crossover period.

A self-storage unit can ease the situation by providing safe, clean, and dry storage for non-essential items that can be packed in advance. This means when it comes to moving day, the job is a lot smaller as much of the stuff is already out of the office.

Gives you time to get set up in your new office

Similarly, with non-essential items safely tucked away in self-storage, the process of setting up the new office is a lot simpler. This gives you time to get the “operational” side of the business up and running without having to deal with excess clutter as you work.

Allows you to plan ahead

A self-storage unit can be used as a “holding unit”. This allows you to plan your move more effectively and allows the existing office to keep running without having to work around stacks of storage boxes and furnishings already prepared for the move.


Moving office isn’t just about moving physical belongings. There is also the critical matter of facilities like internet and phones to be considered. Often, this will involve laying new lines within the office. This work can be hampered if the office is not yet fully organised, and sometimes even if it is.

A self-storage unit can keep the office as clear as possible until all the necessary work has been done. This also applies if you intend to do any decorating or other changes to the new premises.

Your moving to smaller premises

If you are downsizing your office, then there may be some tough decisions to be made. It can be difficult to decide what needs to stay and what can go. In the rush of a move, it is often the case that decisions are made on the spur of the moment that could be regretted later. A self-storage unit provides the breathing space to store excess office equipment until you are certain about what can be disposed of.

It also allows time to figure out what will be able to fit into your new premises.


At U Store It, we can help ease the stress of an office move. With a wide range of unit sizes available throughout Ireland and highly-competitive prices, we have the perfect unit for any size of move.

If you want to know more about how a self-storage unit can help you move business premises, please contact us. Our friendly team of storage experts will be delighted to help you.