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The brief spell of glorious weather which we were treated to at the beginning of June now seems like a distant memory. The traditional Irish summer has well and truly returned and thousands of people across Ireland have already booked sojourns in the sun well in advance to escape the damp squib.

While a family holiday is supposed to be a break away from it all, the build-up can be quite hectic trying to tie up loose ends before you jet off.

One of the main causes of stress is also one of the more simple irks – deciding what to pack! Here are our expert holiday packing tips to help you decide what to pack for a trip to sunnier climes:

Check Baggage Limitations

When deciding what to pack, it’s important to firstly find out the bags per person and weight per bag allowances of the airline which you are travelling with. It’s easy to over pack your case and exceed the baggage weight restrictions and incur added charges.

Assess how many pieces of luggage are needed and check in online. This will save any shock charges at the airport. Try to make full use of your hand luggage allowance for your electronics and smaller items of clothing also.  

Use A Proper Sized Suitcase

You wouldn’t try to overload a box when moving home so why do the same to your suitcase? However, this is a surprisingly common mistake made by many who believe less is more when it comes to packing a case.

Invest in a decent sized suitcase with plenty of room for your desired belongings. Not only will this keep your items compact and neat; it will also help you to beat any extra baggage allowance tariffs as a bigger size allows for a more even weight spread.

Pack Lightly

When jetting off to a tropical paradise in high season, chances are that you’ll be safe enough leaving the heavy jacket and waterproofs behind! Pack light items such as t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses and undergarments. Ditch the heavy shoes & boots also and pack sandals, trainers and other light footwear.

Unless you really need bring them, try leave bulky electronics such as hairdryers, laptops, iPads and gaming consoles at home or in safe storage until you return. Only bring the essentials such as your mobile device, charger, music player and a portable gaming device if you’re bringing the kids along.

Most toiletries are disposable and can be bought on arrival, however if there’s a specialist product you need or you simply wish to bring your favorite cologne make sure to place them within a toiletries bag to avoid breakage.

Store Your Valuables Away

While most things can be purchased again, there are some items that are simply irreplaceable. If you have important valuables such as family heirlooms, ornaments or jewellery  that you’re cautious about leaving behind while you’re away, why not store them away for safekeeping.

This will offer you great piece of mind while you enjoy your holiday knowing that your valuables will be safe and secure upon your return. Here at U Store It we provide storage lockers for both short and long term periods. If you’re interested in storing your items with us, why not contact us here for a quick quote.