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Creating the ideal outdoor setting for your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this post, you will find numerous tips on how to go about creating the perfect outdoor living space, an area for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Right now, it is the perfect time to don the gardening gloves and get cracking outdoors so that you have something ready for summertime, so let’s get started:


Before you begin, look at the area in which you wish to start the project, think about the size and the materials you need and start making a list of ideas for your transformation project. With some careful planning you can create a masterpiece in the garden that will be the envy of all neighbours, nonetheless it is important to be realistic and not to overdo things. For example, think about how it’s going to be maintained afterwards. If you’re not really into gardening, you may prefer something that is low maintenance and easily manageable.


An excellent way to start is by creating zones. It also makes the job of transforming a garden less overwhelming. Concentrating on small areas at a time is more comfortable, and the overall finish tends to be more enjoyable too.

So, think of areas such as the kids play area, seating area, footpaths, water features, home-grown zone, plants and flowers, etc. Pay attention to which areas tend to get the most sunlight as you may want your kids to play in the shady areas and plants and veggies in the sun, for instance. Think about what could work where and in no time, you’ll start getting things underway.


When it comes to gardens, we all have different tastes. Some people like easy low maintenance outdoor spaces, others like lots of flowers, vegetables, and something to keep them busy all year around. You may already have a theme in mind or you may already have things in your garden which you want to keep such as your garden furniture, your patios and pavers, and other structures in your yard, so you should try and incorporate them into your final layout.


The weather must be considered when creating outdoor spaces. You may need to think about how it will affect the things you are trying to grow. Some plants may need shade, others lots of sun, etc.

Also, think about the types of materials you want to use. Do you prefer natural grass, bark (which often needs topping up yearly) or something like synthetic grass that will last for a very long-time (albeit more expensive initially) but less likely to be affected by the elements?

It’s essential to consider the ever-changing seasonal weather patterns before starting any garden project so that your hard work isn’t going to be affected by the elements later on.


Safety aspects are essential, especially when it comes to kids and pets. You want to be sure that the areas you create are secure for all the members of your family. Play areas need to be safe and cushioned and not on concrete and ponds may need to be fenced off. With regards to pets, they do have a tendency to ruin lawns when doing their business, so you may want to fence those areas off and be careful of chemicals such as weed killers when pets are around.

Some ideas for creating inspiring outdoor areas include:

  • Fruit and vegetable garden

When grown in the correct environment and the right conditions, home-grown fruits and vegetables is the way to go. Besides tasting much better, they’re also more affordable than the ones you buy from the supermarket. And it can be a great hobby too. You can even fit in a small greenhouse in your garden to protect them from pests and harsh weather if you have the space to do so.

  • Water features

Water features can be quite relaxing and therapeutic. If you have a large garden, you can build a pond with a wooden bridge going over for that special oriental touch, but even for smaller spaces, even just a lovely fountain near a seating area makes all the difference.

  • Outdoor dining

Eating outdoors during summer is lots of fun. You could create a lovely dining area to invite friends and family over and maybe even create an outdoor BBQ area. Think about shade as you want the area to be comfortable especially on hot days, or perhaps put a gazebo up to add some additional shade and protection. And when wintertime comes, you can safely store it all in a self storage unit until next summer.

  • Seating

Try to create some relaxing areas to sit and enjoy the garden. It could be a bench under a tree, a hammock, bean bags for the kids, a swinging chair or if you feel creative why not build some pallet DIY furniture instead?

  • Lighting

Lighting adds a special touch to any garden project and it’s what brings them to life at night. For electrical lighting, you may need the help of an expert professional for safe installation. You can also place solar lights along walls and footpaths, or simply spread them around the garden to give it that magical ambiance, that everyone in your family will love.

With a little patience, a can-do attitude, and a creative approach, you can create the perfect outdoor space for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years and years to come.