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Hobbies keep people entertained, it’s often where people enjoy their downtime or time of relaxation; the trouble is when hobbies are part of our lives, they can often take over it, especially when we are storing our gear and supplies at home.


Hobbies such as knitting, photography, woodwork and outdoor activities like climbing etc., are great except for the mound of associated items that starts to build up and end up taking over our homes. This usually means saying goodbye to the guest room, conservatory or garage, etc., because we need somewhere to store our stuff.


Self-storage helps people to reclaim these areas of their homes whilst hanging onto their much-adored hobbies. Here are five hobbies that could benefit extensively from the use of self-storage:


  1. Photography 


Photography has many interesting factors, it could be that you adore digital photography, filming or videographer work, whatever your preferences are, you are probably well aware that it does tend to accumulate quite a lot of equipment. Some people just do not have the space at home to store all of their belongings associated with photography hobbies and therefore are forced to give it up.


Small children and pets are often another deciding factors since photography equipment is often very expensive, and for busy households, this can be somewhat troublesome if there isn’t anywhere secure to store things. With self-storage, you can create your very own safe set-up. Hard drives, lenses, tripods etc. can all be safely housed in self-storage units.


  1.     Outdoor activities


Outdoor activities are often something that the whole family enjoys, especially camping and hiking. The equipment involved with such hobbies is often pricey, and therefore finding suitable safe storage solutions is an absolute must if you want to protect your investment. 


Things such as tents, sleeping bags, airbeds and cooking equipment, as well as awnings, tables and chairs etc., are rather bulky when not in use and can be troublesome when trying to find places to store them at home. Placing everything in an off-site space, such as in a self-storage unit, makes life so much easier and ensures that all of your contents remain in tip-top condition until it’s time to use them again.


  1.     Arts and Crafts


Arts and crafts are a popular hobby for most, and it can relate to many different things. The problem many people face is the lack of sizable space to fulfil their hobbies, or perhaps the accumulation of materials becomes the deciding factor when it starts to overwhelm at home as there is not enough space to store all the supplies.


It’s a shame that people sometimes give up on the hobbies they love due to sheer lack of space when there are solutions to address this, self–storage units can take the bulk load of materials associated with your arts and crafts like canvas, paint, stickers, scrapbooks, fabric and foam so that it’s not clogging up you home life. You can set the units up in an organised manner to house all of your bits and bobs and collect things as and when you need them, it also allows you to stock up on certain materials, especially if you’ve spotted a few bargains recently.


  1. Collectors


There are lots of collectors around, people collect all sorts of things from stamps to antiques. It usually starts off with collecting just a few bits and pieces, items which initially caught our interest, but the story never ends there.


Collectors often go on for years collecting things they love and make it their hobby, but that generally means an accumulation of pieces like records, toys, sports memorabilia or antiques. It doesn’t matter whether they have sentimental or financial value, they still need a safe place to be kept out of harm’s way. Self-Storage units enable a safe place to store collector’s items, removing the bulk load from your home and ensuring that everything is safe and secure.


  1. Restoration / Up-cycling


Restoration has always been a hobby that many people adhere to. These days we also see a lot of people up-cycling items too, where old broken items, from clocks to furniture, are given a new lease of life, and it’s very rewarding for the restorer to complete the work.


The trouble is restoration, and up-cycling does require a lot of tools and equipment to complete certain tasks, much of which could do with some suitable storage space when not in use. If you are not lucky enough to have your very own workshop at home, you could always use an alternative such as a self-storage unit and set up a workshop for your beloved tools and equipment to allow you to carry out your hobby without the stress of finding the space to stash your stuff. 

Follow your hobby with the help of self-storage

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t get maximum enjoyment out of a hobby you love because you don’t have enough space to keep, maintain, and use your gear, so let us help.

Whether you want to store excess craft supplies and sports equipment, U Store It has the space and amenities you need. With month-to-month contracts, it is simple to book a storage unit for just the amount of time you require.