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While there’s no doubt that Christmas can be a very stressful occasion in most homes, a little bit of planning will go a long way to reduce your stress levels. Here are some top tips when it comes to Christmas storage at home:

Food Storage

  • Clear-out the fridge-freezer to make room for the Turkey and all the trimmings.
  • Use up the food that you have before you buy all the Christmas stuff.
  • Throw away all out of date food.
  • Wash out the fridge thoroughly with warm soapy water.
  • If need be change the height of your shelves to give your Turkey enough room.

Plan before you Shop

  • It’s always hard to fit everything you need in the fridge so stick to a list of what you really need.
  • Don’t buy too much in the first place as most people end up throwing lots away.
  • Create space by removing drinks such as beer and wine which can be kept cold outside in a cool box.
  • Avoid food poisoning bacteria by leaving sufficient space between food, especially around meat or poultry.
  • Start baking things that you can freeze, un-iced cookies, bars and homemade scones are all good to make in advance, all will keep in the freezer if they are well wrapped and will give you a few extra things if a friend calls in unexpectedly with a gift.

Set up a Christmas Gift Wrap Station using a Cupboard

  • Clear-out an unused cupboard.
  • Use tension rods to hold wrapping paper, these can be bought in most DIY stores.
  • Keep all your wrapping supplies together, stack ribbons on a paper towel holder, hang scissors from a hook.
  • Use old glass jars for things like pens and markers.
  • Use an old shoe box for storing Christmas Cards.
  • Keep a list of how many cards you need and updated addresses.
  • Create Space before putting up the decorations:
  • Clear-out and Donate, especially if you have children, you will no doubt soon have an influx of items with nowhere to put them. Go through existing toys and clothes and figure out which need to go into storage and which should be donated. If you don’t have enough storage space then may consider using a self storage facility, such as U Store It  that will give you the extra space you need.

From everyone at U Store It, we wish you and your Family a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!