Relocating or Moving Abroad for a while?

So you don’t want to, or it’s going to be pretty impossible to bring EVERYTHING with you while you take that year out for your new contract/job abroad. You can probably rely on your family or friends to a certain degree, but let’s face it, you’re going to need somewhere to put the Bike, the Gym Equipment, the Musical Instruments, the Music collection, the P.C./Home Computer System, Personal Belongings or even all of those bulky winter clothes that you’re not going to need for at least the next 6 months **, if at all, and you certainly don’t want to be trying to haul them with you while you find your ideal new accommodation!…. Dilemma..  We can look after ALL of that for you while you’re getting yourself settled and we’ve even put together a step by step plan to help your transition become even easier.

  1. Pack Smart. Create a checklist broken down into subsections (E.G.  Furniture, clothing, electronics, memorabilia, etc.)
  2. Lay out everything you hope to bring and decide what’s truly essential.
  3. Decide on the storage area you need to house the remainder of your most valuable items. Give us a call or reserve your space online and also to discuss options on transporting your goods to us, if you don’t wish to do it yourself.
  4. Have a good clear out of everything you really don’t know why you keep! ????
  5. Move your worldly possessions to your new unit, load on to the trolleys provided, wheel directly into your unit and be happy in the knowledge that it will be safe and secure, monitored by 24 hour security at onsite CCTV
  6. Make sure your passport is in date and that your airline can accommodate the items you do want to bring.

**If you wish to have items from the unit transferred to you while you’re away, we can always arrange for you to authorize access for a family member or selected key holder, to visit your unit, solely with your permission.

Customer Feedback

Great Service & Great Staff. Emma & Karen are very efficient and friendly. Provide a great service at an affordable price. We have been using the services of U Store’s for the past four years and will be for the foreseeable future. Keep up the good work.

Michael Leavy