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The excitement is building and building after Ireland’s unprecedented win over New Zealand in Chicago on November 5th.  What will happen when they meet again in Dublin on Saturday?  Will Ireland get too arrogant and blow it?  Or will their momentum carry them to another victory?  Is New Zealand rattled by their defeat?  Or will they be better prepared for the Irish team?  Rugby history is being made, and those who get to see it from the Aviva Stadium stands will be talking about it forever.  

The All Blacks seem to be in a bit of despair at the moment.  They’ve shuffled their team about, making a dozen changes.  They’re giving two players their debut in their match against Italy.  They are even taking some heat over the haka they performed before being beaten by Ireland in Chicago.  They did the Kapo o Pango, and one of their own former legends Craig Dowd, called it a disrespectful choice – given the recent death of Anthony Foley.  Dowd said the haka used for fallen warriors would have been a better choice.  But it wasn’t the haka that cost the All Blacks another victory.  It was the Irish team.

Ireland went into the game with a terrific mindset and sense of unity after their silent tribute to Foley, and it paid off in a stellar game and a historic win.  Will the momentum carry through their next battle with New Zealand?  Is this a once off victory or a sea change in World Cup rugby?  It looks like Ireland could be ready to take their game up a notch.  This could be the start of a long string of wins for Ireland.  Their victory in Chicago must stoke their fire and leave them hungry for more.

Both teams have a lot to fight for, and it is likely to be an epic, intense match.  In the meantime, Ireland, recorded a resounding victory over Canada on the 12th, while New Zealand emphatically beat Italy in Rome on the same day.  When they face each other again in Dublin, each team will have a fresh victory or defeat since their last meeting.  The mood in the stands will be unbeatable, and we’ll have to wait and see if the same can be said for the Irish side.

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