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Marriage and moving house – the two most stressful things in life but not necessarily in that order.
U Store It can’t help you when it comes to planning your wedding but we have had enough home movers through our doors over the years to know a thing or two about changing address. You’ll be surprised what you can do to make life easier for yourself before the big day comes around.


You’ll be amazed what you’ve got lying around the house that you don’t need. Chances are you’ll be surprised you still have that food processor in the press. If it’s still in the box, chances are you’ll never use it. Sell it or give it to a friend but whatever you do, get rid of it. Unless you’ve you an unused voucher for a cookery school…


Is it really worth keeping or is it just holiday tack you’ve given some sentimental value to? Be honest with yourself – if it’s rubbish, dump it. It might be hard at first but soon you’ll be filling sackfuls of the stuff. You’ll be feeling less stressed about the move, and a hell of lot lighter.


Just look at the amount of stuff in there and think about how much of it you wear. If you made two piles – wear and never wear – what would they look like? Some of it probably doesn’t fit you any more and probably won’t ever fit you again. If they still do, are you ever going to be seen dead in that bright, yellow jumper again? Fill another bag and drop it into a charity shop. And buy yourself something new, that you will wear, for the new house.


It seems daunting but take it one room at a time and you’ll get there. Pack what you can and make a detailed, itemised list of things that you will need a removals van for – this list will also be helpful when you move into your new home. Knowing what exactly now need to move will also help you when it comes to getting a quote from a removals company.


While it’s cheaper to pack things yourself, it may be worthwhile to let the removals company provide a full packing service.


Whatever packing you’re going to be doing, start now, not the day before your move. There’s no point filling a box full of books if you can’t lift the box when its full. Spread the weight around, wrap those delicate items like china, glassware and dishes in bubblewrap and make use of towels and soft items to cushion those fragile things.