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It’s that time of year again!

It’s time for everything scary. Today we have some storage ‘treats’ for you…

Treat No.1:

Label everything clearly. You might be able to remember what’s in that box now, but it’s unlikely that you’ll know where that one specific thing is in even a few week’s time.  If you have labels on all your boxes telling you what is in it, it’ll keep you from stressing later on. Label your boxes on at least two sides so that it’s easier to see what’s in it.

Treat No.2:

Make a list of everything you’re putting into storage and keep the list somewhere where it’s easy to find. This way, if you’re looking for a certain Halloween decoration or costume, you can check the list to see if it’s in your unit or elsewhere.

Treat No.3:

Make sure you read what is and what isn’t allowed in storage. By putting something that isn’t allowed into your storage unit, you risk damaging your or other people’s items. For example, don’t store anything perishable as it can go moldy and leave a bad smell in your unit. Check that everything is allowed to keep your stuff safe!

Treat No.4:

To make the most out of the space in your unit, disassemble large pieces of furniture as they’ll take up less space this way. Use a similar size of box as this makes stacking easier. Try to use as much of the vertical space as possible and leave enough room in the unit so that you can get your stuff in and out as needs be. Call us to inquire about the size of unit you require.

Treat No.5:

After Halloween, when you’re packing up all your decorations, put them into storage to keep them safe until the next year! We have a number of different-sized boxes perfect for storing decorations or costumes as well. Call us on Freephone 1800786734 to get a quote from our spookily well-prepared staff!



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